I hear, and I remember.  I see and I dream.  I do and I understand.

Researchers estimate that seventy percent of students do not get their specific learning strength addressed in a traditional learning setting. These students rarely get to shine in the classroom, because their learning strength is ignored and they are forced to learn in a way that favors traditional learners.


Globalistic is a non-fiction book written by Ramsey Brookhart, students and other teachers at Denver Academy.  The 200 page book addresses L.D. education as well as the current state of progress, technology and the “information overload” in our increasingly globalized world.    It is a collection of writings from the Millennial generation (aka the Net Generation, the Next Greatest Generation and the ME generation) providing a perspective from their point of view; specifically what it is like growing up in a “flat” world (or in this case, a “flat classroom”) and the impact this has had on their own values and education.  Their stories are inspiring and heart-warming and, in my opinion, need to be shared with parents, teachers and anyone interesting in understanding this latest generation of “Millennial” children. 

         The general purpose of the Book?

     The Medium is the message!

We are showcasing different mediums as a conduit to learning and education. The book is our newest medium, but also a catalyst to other mediums (ie. this web site and blog)

Showcasing: How millennial students with varied learning styles and intelligence express themselves and -- learn how they learn!

Some experts are saying that schools kill creativity - we beg to differ. Globalistic is a response to people like Sir Ken Robinson - Our young people are speaking up and they demand to be heard.

Ramsey Brookhart is the 2009-2010 National recipient of the 'Teachers of the Future Award'. Check out what Ramsey is doing in the classroom that earned him this award. This video models the concepts found in the book 'Globalistic'.

Ramsey Brookhart - TOF video - "The medium is the message" from Ramsey on Vimeo.

As a recipient of the 2009/2010 National Association of Independent Schools Teachers of the Future award.  Recipients of this award exemplify excellence in independent school teaching; they are individuals who inspire academic excellence in students in the classroom and who serve as opinion leaders among their colleagues and peers.


Ramsey’s Teacher of the Future video uses Marshall McLuhan's philosophy, The Medium is the Message  as a catalyst towards exploring and using different "Media" as the MESSAGE – and efficiently conveying the content.  Media is all around us and learning doesn't have to solely take place in a desk or reading out of a text book. Media can supplement, support, or stand alone – the video supports the belief that teachers need to always be exploring new and innovative media so the students can create and think outside the box.  The TOF video is a brief glimpse into how Ramsey has been using this philosophy in the classroom.

Edith Cowen University lecture (Western Australia): Ramsey Brookhart June 2009 - Creating a quality learning environment

Edith Cowen University lecture (Western Australia): Ramsey Brookhart June 2009 - Creating a quality learning environment from Ramsey on Vimeo.

This past summer, while visiting Australia, Ramsey was fortunate enough to be invited to lecture at several universities and private schools around the topics addressed in the book Globalistic.  The video clip from Edith Cowen University (ECU) was one of Ramsey Brookhart’s lectures presented to an undergraduate course entitled: Classroom Motivation and Management.  Ramsey used his book to approach the topics and curriculum used at E.C.U in Perth Western Australia.  He used the case-studies found in the book to convey several strategies in motivating students through their areas of interest as well as their specific learning styles.  He also lectured around defining the Millennial generation and the importance of understanding their general trends, influences, values and perspectives.  If we can understand their perspective then bridging the ever-present generational gap is much more approachable for teachers and parents.   Ramsey lectures on what makes this generation different than previous generations and why, in many cases, typical management strategies and motivational techniques don’t work.  Add into this mix such variables of ADHD, ADD, NLD and dyslexia - the world of a non-millennial teacher can be not only very frustrating but also very confusing.  In the video clip Ramsey shares his understanding of this generation as well as several case-studies of different types of learners and Millennials in a 21st century classroom.